Councilmember Helen Gym Responds to the Commonwealth Court Ruling on Mail-In Voting and Restricting Voting Rights

Councilmember Gym responded to the Commonwealth Court Ruling on Mail-In Voting and Restricting Voting Rights. Photo by Philly Talks
Philly Talks

Councilmember Helen Gym released the statement on the Commonwealth Court’s ruling against Act 77, which had expanded access to voting rights on Jan. 28th.

“The direct assault on our Commonwealth’s voting rights is an existential threat to our democracy. From restrictive voter ID laws to extreme gerrymandering to shutting down polling places to changing voter registration deadlines, this ruling is the latest in a string of attacks on our voting rights. Mail-in voting is safe, reliable, exists across the nation, and was voted into law two years ago by officials who are now seeking to overturn it as they peddle lies about the 2020 election”, said Gym.

“Guaranteeing every individual is able to vote with ease is a core tenet of any strong democracy. Building a reflective democracy and judiciary will remain out of reach if restrictions like these are allowed to move forward. We must work to elect justices who recognize these fundamental truths. We must focus on bolstering election boards with individuals who will advocate for the right of every voter, no matter their party preference, to exercise their constitutional right. And while I am hopeful our State Supreme Court will recognize the lack of merit in this decision and overturn this ruling, we know this is just one battle in the full-on war being waged against our democracy”

“Every minute we spend relitigating voting methods proven to be secure and safe is a minute we do not spend addressing the real issues our communities are facing. Pennsylvanians deserve leaders who are actually focused on improving their lives — like investing in our schools and addressing the ongoing public health and economic crises.”

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